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Memorial Park Interment Options

Memorial Park Interment Options

The traditional ground burial in a park-like setting of uniformity, with the flat bronze markers, was established as the original “Memorial Park.”  Also in this setting is a special area of remembrance for those choosing cremation and wishing to memorialize their loved ones with the traditional bronze marker, but also wishing to be more conservative in ground usage.

This special hedge area contains smaller interment sites and individuals or companion memorial markers. The memorial actually contains the cremains within, surrounded by a foot thick piece of granite for protection of the cremains. 






As we all know, the strength, durability and majestic appearance of the upright granite monument has been the selection of artists for hundreds of years to use to build buildings and other structures that will last forever, and also to commemorate lives lived.  

In the upright granite area in The Garden of Sacred Heart proudly stands the fourteen monuments depicting the crucifixion of Christ.

The Stations of the Cross are etched on Jet Black granite three foot six inches wide and eight inches thick.  Each of these beautiful artist renderings depicts one of the Stations of the Cross.  On the reverse side of the monument is where the family inscriptions will be placed.   




Another very special area of memorialization is the Family Estates.

The Family Estates are for the select few that wish to retain their family’s memories and memorials in one area.  There are currently three such estates available with granite in grey, red or black, and ranging from a family monument and four burial sites to a family monument with up to twelve burial sites.

The remainder of the upright granite area is available for single or companion monuments of an individuals wishes for color and shape.




The final selection to memorialize your loved ones in Muscatine County Memorial Park Cemetery is for those wishing above ground entombment or ennichment in the safe, dry and beautiful Chapel Garden Mausoleum. 
      Since the time of the pyramids of Egypt, the selection of the Mausoleum has been only for those of the most wealthy and influential.  But at Muscatine County Memorial Park Cemetery, we have made this same memorialization available to all at a cost and value equal to the traditional ground burial.  Within the beautiful chapel, where loved ones may sit in remembrance and reflection, are companion crypts and individual crypts for casket entombment, and also niches for the urns containing the cremains of loved ones to be memorialized.
      On the exterior of the Chapel Garden Mausoleum are individual crypts for caskets and also niches for urns. 

If you are wanting to look into purchasing a marker please contact the cemetery office at 563-263-8842 or by e-mail at 

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